How to Find a Great Lawyer​​​​​

There are many occasions in life when you could need expert legal advice, from starting a business or workplace and family law disputes to claims for accidental injuries that you suffered through no fault of your own. In these instances, and many more, it's vital that you have a great lawyer with a wealth of experience and a record of success – a lawyer you can trust. If you've never had to hire an attorney before, the process of selecting one can seem daunting or confusing, but here are three steps for you to take that should make the process much easier.


Ask the people Who know 

You wouldn't purchase an automobile or book a vacation without checking the reviews first, and the same applies when you need to find a great lawyer. Asking others can help you establish the reputation of potential lawyers, and that can boost your confidence in your choice. That means talking to people you know personally who have used the services of an attorney; could they recommend the one they've used? You can also ask other attorneys for a recommendation, or take a look online. You can find online reviews for lawyers across a wide range of categories, which can make it easier to find one who has the specialism you need.

Check The Credentials 

Not all lawyers are the same, and a great lawyer will be more than happy for you to check their credentials. Don't be afraid to ask them what qualifications they have and what associations they're a member of as well as any notable achievements they've enjoyed within their field. A helpful resource here is the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, which can be found in public libraries and also online; it's used by lawyers themselves when they need to find an attorney with a different specialism, so it can be your best friend too, especially as it contains peer reviews from other lawyers. Before hiring your chosen lawyer, call the lawyer disciplinary agency in your state. They will confirm whether your lawyer has been the subject of any disciplinary proceedings or not.


Talk to Them

The most important step to finding a great lawyer is to talk to ones who you may potentially be hiring. This will probably be done over the phone initially, but you should arrange a face-to-face meeting before making any agreement. A great lawyer should help you feel confident and reassured about the legal process that you're involved in, and they should be able to explain the procedures that will follow and how they will help you achieve your goals.

By finding a lawyer with a great reputation, checking their credentials and track record, and talking to them about what you need and how they will deliver it, you can find the perfect lawyer for you and your life situation. Having a great lawyer can make a great difference to the outcome, so it's worth taking the time to find the one who will make the process smoother, more pain free, and likelier to have a successful outcome.

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